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Welcome To Samavesh

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Welcome To Samavesh

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About Us

Discourses for the inclusion of perspectives in public policy.





Samavesh is a community devoted to creating inclusive, meaningful discourses. These discourses range from policy and development challenges to narratives of public interest.

A typical Samavesh session has a central argument, proposed by the presenter, that leads the discourse. The presenter is expected to explain their argument to a sector-agnostic group in a jargon-free manner. The ability to think critically about the proposed argument is the main expectation from all participants at Samavesh sessions.

Our Discourses

Some of our latest discourses

  • Economic Policy and Regulation
  • Agriculture, Environment, and Climate Change
  • Health and Education
  • Urbanisation
  • Technology and Governance
How can we create policy interventions to help the burgeoning work force in the gig economy space?
How to increase female participation in labour force and make more women financially independent?
India and its emerging trade strategies
International Trade strategies and its impact in Electronic Manufacturing
Productivity Assessment Model- Skill India Mission
How coalescing of agricultural land can benefit small farmers and other stakeholders in Punjab?
Is carbon currency the answer to a sustainable future?
Regulations to corporatizations: A discussion on agricultural reforms
Distributed renewable energy system
How to make sure 50% of all firms in India consume only Renewable energy.
How can school education be inclusive enough to end gender-based communication gap among students?
How do we decentralise education while maintaining quality and accessibility?
Center-State Relations and its impact on the implementation of COVID-19 mitigation measures.
How can the problem of unlicensed medical practitioners can be curbed.
To make preventive healthcare available at the doorstep to the elderly population
Air quality index for SMART cities
EV Mobility in India: Policies and Pathways
How to ensure affordable and sustainable housing for the urban poor in India? What are the problems and possibilities associated with it?
Integrated Monitoring in Urban Governance
Traffic Safety and Reduction of Accidents on East Coast Road, Chennai
Legitimacy of States
Reforming criminal justice system
Should government have any role in censoring/ deciding what people watch?
Technology in Governance
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: The Power of a Disruptive Innovation
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